Charlotte Stay Close

Full Length

Charlotte is just days away from dying of cancer and wants her older sister Kathryn to go on to live the happiest life possible. Unfortunately, there’s a giant obstacle standing in the way of that possibility: Kathryn. CHARLOTTE STAY CLOSE is a brutal, funny, moving play about young people navigating loss, love, and the bond between sisters.

2f, 1m

Production at EST/LA (2019)

Development with Team Awesome Robot (2019)

Staged Reading at The Blank (2018)

Staged Reading at EST/LA (2017)

Starting A Family

Full Length

Mallory and Renata are the sole survivors of a horrific UberPool accident. Months after the accident and court proceedings, Mallory invites Renata to her apartment, and driven by a desperation to get closer to the only other person who understands, Renata accepts the invitation. While Renata grieves her husband, who was killed in the accident, Mallory extends her a surprising offer that seems too good to be true. STARTING A FAMILY explores the lengths we'll go to not be alone in our circumstances, and what we both offer and withhold in the process.


Reading at EST/LA (2020)

Trust Me

Full Length

Natalie is convinced that the best way to move forward in her life is to move in with her ex-boyfriend, Max. Alice, Natalie's mother, and Penny, Max's new girlfriend, disagree. Trust Me is a comedy about knowing and not knowing when to let go.

3f, 1m

Reading at EST/LA (2018)

Our First Honest Conversation

One Act

Cora and Daniel have been together for a long time, and they've tried everything...except this. A play about sex, love, and what we do when love is not so sexy anymore.

1f, 1m

Production at Skylight Theatre (2020)

Production at Meet Cute LA (2019) 

Production at Ammunition Theatre Company (2019)

Possible Deranged Lunatic

One Act

Jeanette and Olivia's mother-daughter bonding time revolves around listening to true crime podcasts. When a stranger knocks on their door as they listen late at night, their own (possibly) terrifying story unfolds.

2f, 1m

Production at EST/LA (2019)