I grew up in suburban New Jersey and the landscape, the highways, the people, the mediocre food, and the dissatisfaction of that corner of the world finds its way into every script I write. If New York City is the key to happiness for my characters, some part of them will always refuse to hop on the bus that will get them there in twenty minutes.


I focus on creating strong female protagonists who let themselves swing and miss. They strike out. They run the bases in search of home. They shake nervously in the bullpen (don't worry, they don't watch baseball, but growing up I sure did).

I write sharp, spare dialogue that keeps secrets hidden until something slips out, or until a character feels comfortable enough to reveal vulnerable information. I've realized how well this skill translates to writing for television and film, and am exploring that with great excitement in 2020.


My goal is to experiment with the theatrical form and tell more abstract stories on stage, while using my skills with dialogue and character to build worlds and tell stories for the screen.

A big part of my artistic life is bringing other artists together. I used to produce a reading series out of a tiny Brooklyn coffee shop. I invited playwrights and screenwriters to have live script readings, and included an intermission for unplugged performances by local musicians. When I moved to Los Angeles in 2014 I took that desire to create community one step further and started New West Playwrights, a group for writers under the age of 30 to develop new plays and have public readings of said plays. 

I love and am forever curious about other people and that is why I write.